Our Mission

Your Business is Our Business!

At COVERSE Business Services, LLC our mission is to help our clients achieve success in their business by utilizing technologies and best IT practices tailored to meet their business needs. We achieve this by taking the time to understand our clients business first and then work with them to deliver tailored solutions and services based on that acquired knowledge.

Technology is only one of many tools required to run a successful business!

Small to Mid SizeBusiness IT Support

You can't be everything to everyone, where our focus is today:

We see lots of IT companies today advertising pretty much they will support anyone, anywhere, anytime. The reality is, one shop truly doesn't fit all. No matter how much they profess they can, in the end they dilute their resources, over extend themselves and ultimately fail to perform consistently across the wide spectrum of business clients that exist locally and regionally.

That's why at COVERSE we made the decision quite sometime ago to focus our resources on small to mid sized businesses. This allows us to control our costs and pass this savings onto our clientele. Which when you think about it typically can not afford to pay the higher rates corporate clientele are accustom to paying. Why select COVERSE:

Bigger is truly not always better! The size of an IT company may appear to make a difference, but in the end it also dictates what they have to do to maintain their size. This affects their rates, the cost of their solutions and how long they ultimately will stay in business. The larger the firm means they have to generate more revenues consistently each and every month. The demand on revenue generation usually means the cost is passed onto you, the customer in the form of higher hourly rates and expensive, sometimes unneeded solutions!

COVERSE's business model is very similar in concept to that of a smaller law firm, where each partner has a vested personal interest in each and every client they have. This ensures that our staff think before they act and respond in a responsible manner that helps our clientele feel important regardless of their size.

Serving Oregon, Washington & Idaho

We're not just another IT company, we're a business services company! The difference is like night and day, here's why...

The majority of IT companies out there focus primarily on technology concerns; solving computer problems, net-work issues and offer consulting services which most often revolve around a client's use and implementation of IT products and services.

At COVERSE we believe your business should come first and IT comes second. We know first hand that unless you understand your client's business, who they are, what they offer and where they're trying to go, you're missing the point of technology's role within their unique business environment. This can be disastrous for the client as well as for the IT company.

To help a business owner you have to understand and know their business. There is no substitute for listening to your client, knowing and understanding their business and then applying the proper technologies, services and solutions to help them achieve success.

Management Team

Our diversified team of business and IT professionals are committed to helping local businesses succeed by providing solutions, services and products that are cost effective and intelligently defined.

Monique Kennard

Sr. Partner at COVERSE, with a BS in Business Accounting and over twenty years of accounting experience. Monique specializes in supporting law firms and small business practices.

Rod Taylor

IT Business Consultant, with a BS in Electrical Engineering, Rod has over 35 years of hands-on field experience working with RF communications, EDP systems, and network infrastructures.

Terry Madison

IT Consultant, with a BS in Computer Science, Terry has over 14 years of experience supporting a variety of small business clientele in Oregon and Idaho.

Where We've Been

Over the course of our many years of service we discovered that smaller businesses were being left behind technology wise as more and more local IT firms focused on corporate sized clientele. This disparity in technology among smaller businesses led us to adopt a new strategy of sharing our expertise and experience primarily with smaller businesses in the local regional market.