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We offer a variety of cloud based solutions for small businesses, from Office 365 to backup and data storage to 3rd party applications.

We can assist you with implementing a cloud base solution tailored to your business needs. Whether you simply need Microsoft desktop applications, Google Docs, backup and data Storage, or a more advanced business solution, we can help you acheive your goals. Today, many smaller businesses are moving away from the old conventional office setup, and migrating to a paperless more collaborative work environment.

Many "premised based" computer software services or solutions have now been mirrored in one form or another into the cloud!

Whether your business has been in operation for years or you're thinking of starting a new business, there are cloud services and solutions that can help you streamline your operations, help you become more productive and reduce your cost of software and hardware ownership!

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    Microsoft Office 365!

    Microsoft application suite, data storage, collaborative work environment!

  • 2

    Data Backup & Storage!

    Desktop & Server backup, data storage and monitoring services!

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    Google Cloud - G Suite!

    Google application suite, data storage, collaborative work environment!

Are you a small business looking for ways to reduce your operational costs, increase your productivity and create a collaborative work environment? Then migrating to cloud services might be right for you! More and more organizations are moving away from the old conventional office environment, where documents, applications and services were only available locally inhouse. This often led to excessive overtime hours as staff and management had to remain onsite to work through a team project.

Small Business Cloud Solutions

Small businesses now have a variety of cloud services to chose from that can provide a variety solutions to solve almost any need they might have. The options are endless, allowing smaller businesses of any size to start out slow and expand with additional services as the need arises! Many services can be bundled together or obtained individually.

  • Microsoft & Google Cloud Services!
  • Law Firm Document Management!
  • Quickbooks Accounting Software!
  • Customer Relation Management!
  • Security Video Surveillance Services!
  • Remote Backup & Storage Solutions!
  • Desktop/Server Ant-Virus Solutions!
  • Business VoIP Phone Solutions!

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