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We offer a "No Fix No Charge" computer repair service for personal computers for just $99.95 plus parts!

Prior to all repairs, we'll diagnose your computer and determine what problems exist and then perform a "cost analysis" to determine if the cost of the repairs and parts exceed the value of the computer. If parts are required we'll inform you of the additional costs "before" proceeding with the repair. If we believe you should not repair the computer we will indicate why. There are a few factors to consider when having your computer repaired; age of the computer, physical condition of the computer, labor and parts. If the computer is exceptionally old and not in good physical condition, most often it is cheaper to simply replace the computer with a working used, refurbished or new system.

We also offer computer upgrades, such as; CPU, memory, video, hard drive, additional storage and much more!

As with our repair service, we will conduct a cost analysis to ensure any upgrades or enhancements desired make economic sense. All components we provide are at our cost plus 10%! We no longer accept components spec'd and provided by the client to be used for ugprading their system. We also do not provide a "list" of products with the manufacturer's make and model to hand to the client prior to an upgrade. All of our repairs and upgrades are warrantied and guaranteed.

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    No Fix No Charge Repair

    If we can't fix it, you won't pay anything, including for diagnostics!

  • 2

    Complete System Tune Ups

    We'll go through your computer, clean, tweak and tune for max performance.

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    Upgrades and Enhancements

    Turn an aging system into a faster machine with component upgrades!

We provide service and repair on most major brand computers. We offer a "full service" approach to repairing, servicing and maintaining your computer system. Additionally we offer computer upgrades and enhancements to ensure you get the most out of your investment. If you haven't had your computer tested, cleaned and tuned in the last six months, chances are you're working with issues that may be impacting your computer's performance, health and life cycle!.

About Our Computer Repair Services

We have over 30 years of computer repair experience, and have sold, serviced and maintained every major brand currently available. However, we no longer provide hardware repair service for Apple computer products at this time. Additionally, we only offer repair services for "custom built" computers that have been professionally assembled either by us or another reputable computer shop (receipts required).

  • No Fix No Charge Repair for $99.95!
  • All Repairs Warrantied for 90 Days!
  • Data is Backed Up Before Service!
  • System is Scanned for Malware!
  • We Repair Network Server Systems!
  • We Offer Network Server Upgrades!
  • Hardware Repairs Depot level Only!
  • We Return Your Original Hardware!

Veteran Owned, Family Business!