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We offer full time or part time network administration services and our rates start at just $65.00 per hour!

If you're in need of a network administrator but don't want to incur the costs associated with a full time employee, we can help! Whether you need someone to offset your current IT personnel, during vacations and sick time, or are looking for occasional administrative assistance, we'll tailor a solution that meets your business needs! We have over thirty years of network administration experience, working in a variety of different industries, and can assist you with most tasks and duties associated with managing a network.

Many businesses, especially smaller ones can not afford the luxury of employing a full time IT person. However "outsourcing" your IT needs can substantially reduce your overhead costs, and provide you access to IT personnel with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Many smaller businesses and organizations today use outsourcing as a means to control their costs, while obtaining the professional assistance they need to grow their businesses. So before you hire an employee, check out all the money saving advantages outsourcing offers you by calling us today!

Why wait until disaster happens? Get the help you need now, call us today! Call 503.308.4300

Why wait until disaster strikes before taking action, when you can reduce the risk of system failures now? In most cases unforeseen catastrophic events where data is lost or business productivity is adversely affected can be attributed to ignoring early warning signs. Unfortunately you may not be in a position or equipped to determine or detect the signs of a pending system failure? What can or should you do? Call COVERSE and our IT specialists will conduct an in depth evaluation and review of your technical assets - we'll find your problems before they become "catastrophic events!".

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    On site Network Adminstration!

    Full time, part time or as needed under "time and material" billing!

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    Remote Network Administration!

    In certain instances we can provide administrative services remotely!

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    Outsourcing Reduces Overhead!

    Employee wages, benefits & employment taxes can cripple your bottom line!

Is your data being backed up every night? Are your network servers protected from power surges? What happens when the power goes out in your server room? Is your server protected from Viruses and Malware? When was the last time your server's Operating System was patched or updated? How protected are you from outside intrusions? Has your network been compromised, is your personal information being stolen...have your server and computers been hijacked?

Don't Hire, Outsource and Save!

Small businesses struggle with the high cost of IT support services, and often let computer issues build up, rather than getting them taken care of sooner. Even worse, businesses may not even know they have pending problems, and are caught off guard when a system fails, possibly leading to the loss of data! Our on site network administration can help with this issue! Call us today at 503.308.4300

  • Network User Additions and Deletions!
  • Network Printer & Scanner set ups!
  • Application Installs & Assistance!
  • Monitoring of Network Issues!
  • Network Backup & Malware Monitoring!
  • Desktop & Server Problem Resolution!
  • Office 365 & Cloud Administration!
  • IT Documentation Generation!

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