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Rod Taylor

IT Consultant

As a technician, engineer and consultant, I have worked in a number of industries installing, servicing and maintaining advanced communication systems, EDP systems and data networks world wide. I have worked for the United States Air Force, RCA Global Communications, Harris Corporation, NCR Corporation and Novell, Inc..

In 1976 I was transfered from active duty in the USAF while serving at the Cape in Florida to NASA at Edwards, AFB in California. I worked as a communications engineer under contract with RCA Global Communications to work on the Space Shuttle Enterprise Project. After the initial testing phases of the Shuttle were completed in 1977, I was reassigned and transfered to Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico under contract with RCA Global Communications. While at Roosevelt Roads I serviced, maintained and installed Microwave Radio Communication links across the Virgin Islands in support of the U.S. Navy and NASA for launches at the Cape.

I began my network career in 1986 when I was hired by Novell, Inc. as a Systems Engineer. While at Novell I performed a variety of duties, from lecturing on product and services to supporting corporate clients and Novell's distribution and reseller channels. At the end of 1989 I left Novell, Inc. and began working as an independent IT contractor and consultant, working with network integrators throughout Oregon, Washington and Idaho.

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