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We offer local data recovery services for Windows based desktops and notebooks. Basic recovery costs are just $129.95!

In most cases we can recover your data (pictures, documents, spreadsheets, Email, QuickBook database files and more) and restore the data recovered to a USB storage drive. All data recovered will be scanned and Malware removed prior to return.

We also offer advanced data recovery options for Windows, Apple and Linux environments (including server or desktop based Raid systems).

This service is for disk drive media which has failed, become corrupted or damaged. This is not a local service and usually requires a three week or more "turn-around" time. The costs for recovery vary depending on severity of damage. All costs are quoted "before" recovery is initiated.

  • 1

    Hard Drive Failures

    Drive won't power up, bad disk media, head crash, broken circuit board.

  • 2

    Water Contamination

    Liquid intrusions; water, coffee, pop and other non-acid type exposures.

  • 3

    Operating System Corruption

    Windows, MacOS, Linux & BSD OS corruptions. RAID related failures.

We will review, analyze and determine if your data can be obtained. If we are unable to do so locally we will offer you the option of using our elite lab intensive service to attempt to recover your data. In such cases, we will "quote" you the cost to use our advanced services prior to initiating recovery. You will always be in control! There are never any hidden costs, and in most cases your data can be recovered.

Benefit of Using Our Data Recovery Services

We are one of the few local IT companies in the area offering local data recovery service at our low rates. Most retailers must send your drives off to a lab lcoated outside of Oregon. Any time this occurs, the cost escalates to several hundress of dollars!

  • No Recovery, No Charge for Attempt!
  • 90% Local Recovery in most Cases!
  • Fixed Cost Local Recovery Service!
  • Advance Data Recovery Options!
  • Restoration to USB, HD or SSD Storage!
  • Data Recovered is Scanned for Malware!
  • Data Relocation Options Available!
  • We Return Your Original Hardware!

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