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We offer malware removal services for Windows based desktops and servers. Desktop malware removal costs are just $99.95!

Removing malware properly can be time consuming and is not without its' dangers. If done improperly a user could lose some or all of their data. Removing infections often requires much more than simply downloading, installing and running an Anti-Virus application! If you don't know, talk to a pro!

We also offer advanced malware removal services for Windows Server Systems. We offer this service either depot level or on site.

This service is specifically for servers running Microsoft Windows Server Operating Systems and their associated Windows based workstations. This service can be performed at our shop (depot level), your office (on site) or we can attempt to resolve your issue using our remote services! Our rates our $95.00 per hour for the first hour and just $75.00 per hour for each subsequent hour after. This service excludes Ransomeware intrusions, which must be handled separately.!

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    Malware Removal Services

    We remove viruses, trojans, spyware, worms, adware and rogue software.

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    Cyber Security Evaluations

    We can assist with computer systems, data storage and network servers.

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    Emergency Data Backups

    In case of infections, we can retrieve your data, scan, clean and restore it.

We will review, analyze and determine if the infections can be removed safely without damage to the existing Operating System environment. If this is not possible, we will then make every effort to retrieve your data, scan and remove the malware and move the data obtained to a portable storage device or system. At this point, your data can now be restored to your computer, storage or server system.

Benefit of Using Our Malware Removal Services

With over 30 years of computer repair and IT experience, we have seen our share of infected systems. Your data is important, and how you proceed and what you do in response to a malware intrusion will likely dictate what happens to your data!

  • Malware Removal Starts at $99.95!
  • No Fix No Charge for Personal PC's!
  • Data Transfered to Storage Device!
  • Free Malware 90 Day Check Up!
  • Windows Based Computer Systems!
  • Cyber Security Evaluation Services!
  • Depot, Onsite or Remote Services!
  • We Return Your Original Hardware!

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