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Managed Network Services keeps your desktops and server systems running smoothly, without the need for onsite IT personnel!

Managed Network Services (Lite) is specifically designed to provide every client with a cost effective and affordable alternative to hiring a full or part time IT person to monitor their network resources. Many companies today can not afford the high price tag of employing an IT professional just to sit and monitor the condition of their network. Unfortunately 80% of all network outages, even partial outages could be avoided had someone taken proactive measures to resolve minor problems "before" they became major ones! However, to do so requires that someone with professional IT knowledge and experience is involved with this process. The answer to this problem..."Managed Network Services (Lite)"!

We back our Managed Network Services up with on site maintenance and remediation services.

We offer a wide variety of on-site network support services, including: desktop remediation, network problem resolution, application support, network administration; adding users, user profiles, print services, email set up, network copier/scanner set up and much more!

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    Remote Desktop Maintenance!

    We keep your desktop systems updated, patched and cleaned!

  • 2

    Remote Server Maintenance!

    We keep your server & storage systems updated, patched and cleaned!

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    Remote Monitoring Service!

    We monitor the health and well being of your desktops and server systems!

Are you a small business looking for ways to reduce your operational costs, increase your productivity and lower down time? Then our Managed Network Services is a must have for your business or organization. You can now afford to have your own personal IT professional monitoring and looking after your computer systems. All without the need to "hire" and take on the expensive costs of an employee. With our Managed Network Services we'll provide your office complete computer systems support for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full or part time staff member!

Don't Wait Until Something Fails!

Small businesses struggle with the high cost of IT support services, and often let computer issues build up, rather than getting them taken care of sooner. Even worse, businesses may not even know they have pending problems, and are caught off guard when a system fails, possibly leading to the loss of data! Managed Network Services can solve this issue!

  • Proactive Desktop OS Maintenance!
  • Remote Desktop Health Monitoring!
  • Proactive Server OS Maintenance!
  • Remote Server Health Monitoring!
  • Remote Server Backup Monitoring!
  • Remote Malware-Virus Monitoring!
  • Client Side Internet Outage Alert!
  • Internet Intrusion Monitoring!

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